E-Biking Latin America

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Electric bicycles or E-bikes are the new trend of transport in the context of sustainable development, do not differ from conventional bicycles and are driven by a person in the traditional way. E-bikes simply add an ingenious feature to the centuries-old crank technology: a rechargeable battery engine that complements the driving speed for the driver who needs it, even on a steep hill or on a particularly long drive.
It is not difficult to recognize the advantages of the E-bikes. The greenhouse gas emissions of this type of bike (which can be connected to the wall socket just like any other device) are considerably lower than in other motor vehicles such as cars and motorcycles. On the other hand, the use of bicycles has been motivated in recent years without damaging the environment and this has also influenced tourism. Many organized travel companies choose to introduce E-bikes into routes that were once very difficult for "normal" cyclists and were only intended for experts and well-educated people. And they are not only suitable for the preservation of the environment in the rural areas of Latin America, but also to support communities with services that enable them to increase their income and improve their quality of life. Therefore, now the satisfaction of the cycling tourism is easier to achieve for people of varying fitness levels and experience thanks to the increasing availability of electric bicycles. These E-bikes give cyclists a help -or bump- to climb on steep hills or help them keep pace with the fastest friends. Small, almost hidden engines make longer distances easier to reach. In this way, E-bikes offer tourists the opportunity to make excursions that were previously impossible and make difficult terrains more manageable. If you are not in the right physical condition, an E-bike can help you realize this kind of active holiday. E-bikes are ideal for couples who often want to travel together but are hindered by different degrees of difficulty, to the point that one of them should travel in a carrier vehicle. Now the thing will be different. On the other hand, family holidays of several generations face the same challenges: children or grandparents can not go with the same speed or distance as the rest of the family. E-bikes offer a solution for everyone to participate and maintain a comfortable amount of effort. The same is true for people who have a disease or are recovering from injuries; now you can enjoy an active holiday with an E-bike. And for tourists looking for an active holiday, E-bikes will help them find their balance with the rest of the group that no one will be waiting for them. And best of all, you can enjoy the sights and attractions along the route without worrying about the effort or slowness.
With all these advantages and the knowledge that sustainable development and protection of the environment go hand in hand with tourism, we decided to create this project called E-biking Latin America. With it, we can discover new tourist segments in all regions of Latin America. Likewise, we will be able to support already anchored destinations, as well as those that will promote more tourist movements. In addition, we will also announce that active and sustainable tourism in Latin America is present and plays a major role as a protection factor of our planet by reducing the negative impact of the emission of gases that the growth of tourism produces.
The project has basically six phases; then we will analyze other tourist destinations that can be introduced depending on the impacts caused by the first phases. We choose the Salar de Uyuni for the first phase for many reasons. One of them is that it is the most impressive emerging destination in Latin America and the other is that Uyuni is the most neglected destination in terms of sustainability. We Are also including Cub as our cooperation partner in La Havana has already started offering E-Bikes in different ways. We are including some other destinations with mountain bikes to start with, until we and our partner will be able to invest in E-Bikes. See our offers for the Dominican Republic, Yucatan in Mexico and Costa Rica. Hopefully, in a near future, we will be open another E-Bike destinations, for you, for active tourists and for the benefit of the environment. Come and live your adventure with us.